International Scientific Collaborations


One of the key features of third generation universities concerns the boosting of their academic activities at international level. Achieving "Human World" and "World Humanity" depends on the active and dynamic involvement of the universities and high quality standards compatible with their internationally recognized counterparts.
The cherished values of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its victory in the 8-year Iraqi imposed war, its success in wise control of regional crisis and more importantly, the popularity of Islamic democratic model shines like a sun on the world political apex, a political model which constantly reforms itself and offers a successful and solid model not only for the world Muslims but also for developing nations (who wish to preserve their integrity, national and intellectual values). There is no doubt that this newly-emerged Islamic democracy is a rival for western democracies.
Under such circumstances, getting engaged at international academic spheres is the top priority for universities and academicians, since they are the pioneers who endeavor to open the countrys gates to the outside world. It needs to be noted that this mission has been repeatedly reiterated in relevant documents and plans including "Prospect Document" and "I.R. of Irans General Science and Technology Policies".