Chancellor Office

TMUs Chancellors Office is in charge of the following responsibilities:
  • Implementing and monitoring the missions and goals set out in TMUs Articles of Association, 20 Years Development Plan and the Strategic Plan of the University
  • Coordinating the various subsections of the university and keeping in touch with relevant authorities and offices
  • Preparing the meetings agenda and communicating the enactments to relevant entities
  • Following-up the orders of the chancellor
  • Monitoring the administrative affairs and good performance of the affiliated secretariats including:
  • Secretariat of the Council
  • Secretariat of the Boart of Trustees
  • Secretariat of the Board of Directors
  • Secretariat of Auditing Board
  • Secretariat of Staff Recruitment Office
  • Secretariat of Islamic Associations
  • Secretariat of Faculty Members Recruitment Boards
  • Secretariat of Administrative & Disciplinary Offences committed by faculty members
  • Creating coordination between the chancellor, his deputies and managers